mercredi 24 juillet 2019

how to Eye Makeup Trio

I you're a novice in eye makeup and do no longer recognise a way to follow liner then right here is the submit that will help you grade by grade applying the trio liner . So examine the submit cautiously and have a look at the pictures which might be given inside the post bellow. As soon as you've got examine these training you will be capable of practice eyeliner easily like a expert make-up artist.

Within the beginning step you must 

hint a liner for liner, it ought to be in 

aqua color. In next step trace cat line

 with eye liner cake.

Now you have to implement the aqua 

eye liner starting shape corner of eye 

after which making it as a base to your

 decrease lashes.


Then again with aqua liner you can draw the line 

starting form the inner corner of eye and then 

making it towards the center of eye. You have to join

two lines of these aqua eye liners and this is all.



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