How do I get long and thick hair naturally?

Start With Great Genetics

You have to begin with amazing genetics.

Without extremely good genetics your hair will by no means develop previous a sure most terminal length.

Genetics will additionally decide if your hair kind is very fine, fine, medium, thick or very thick.

Nutrition, Lifestyle And Stress Management May Help In Some Ways

Yes, it’s genuine that applicable vitamin (diet, vitamins, minerals) life-style (sleep, hydration, exercise) and stress administration can make contributions to whether or not or no longer you develop your hair to its most desirable length.

Those elements can now not exchange your hair type.

If you’re born with very nice or high-quality hair, you can’t alternate the thickness of your hair naturally.

Chemical Treatments

For some people, making use of chemical remedies (hair color, lighteners, perms, etc.,) to their very nice or first-class hair can briefly blow up the cuticles so hair seems fuller.

Sometimes there may also be a clinical cause for no longer being capable to develop lengthy and lush strands. Those motives may additionally consist of thyroid troubles or viable facet outcomes of prescription medications.


When In Doubt, Do Your Research

When in doubt about any challenges with your hair see a physician, dermatologist or different hair specialist and have a entire workup.

A certain furnace way to acquire lengthy and thick hair is to have hair extensions utilized via a range of techniques (clip-ins, sew ins, fusions. rings, micro-links or similar).

Hair extensions are now not a herbal way to gain lengthy and thick hair, however they do work.

Put Food In Your Stomach Not On Your Head

Forget slopping a ton of random meals gadgets on your scalp or roots.

They sincerely don’t assist at all for the majority of humans who are inclined to attempt simply about anything.

How Do You Get Long Thick Hair Naturally?

The fantastic way to get lengthy and thick hair naturally is:

great genetics, a supportive lifestyle, practical exceptions, time and loads of patience.