10 Best hair ideas

1. Blonde Balayage on Straight Hair


 The beauty of a good blonde balayage is her versatility. You can wear them pin-straight, extra curled, slightly curled and messy or with smooth back. It enlivens the simplest cuts and gives you a contemporary, chic look with little effort. Try a delicate pony to loosen up your look, but add a drop of coquetry to the whole thing.

  2. Shy blonde balayage. 


   Supertrendy and versatile, ash blonde fits well with dark eyes and fits any style. 



3.Dirty blonde balayage.


 If you want a color refresh, update your look by simply adding a few balayage highlights through your hair. You don't have to be completely blond

  4. Strawberry Blonde Balayage. 


 These highlights are versatile and fit any complexion (depending, of course, on the color you want to mix with them).

   5.Warm blonde balayage. 


 Even easy-care girls can make sexy honey blonde waves. Just leave your roots on the darker side, and you've got your Hollywood look.

  6.Blonde balayage on light brown hair. 


 Not quite ready for a complete change? Time to spice up your praises with a sun-kissed blonde balayage.



7. Sandy Blonde Balayage. 


 If you're into elegant and cuddly blonde balayage hairstyles and have long brown hair, show your colorist this hairstyle idea for shiny makeup.

   8. Vollbalayage-Blondine. 


 Das Tolle an diesem Stil ist, dass er sowohl schicke blonde Locken als auch das zusätzliche Volumen bietet, das durch dunklere Wurzeln und Lowlights erreicht wird.

   9.Blonde balayage on dark brown hair. 


   We can't get enough of this subtle blonde balayage that melts from dark brown roots to beautiful gilded blonde curls.

  10. Subtle mushroom blonde highlights. 


 Change doesn't have to be scary if you do it right. With stylish champignon blonde highlights mixed with caramel, you'll love this "do".