how to decorate your room


Your room is your room where you can set it up the way you want and inspire your thoughts and imagination. So decorate your room the way you find it right for you, whether people don't have your style, they'll do it after seeing your room.

Everyone is different, but when you see a beautifully decorated room, it simply inspires you and makes you want to do the same. So here are some ways to decorate your room and get people to get room enthusiasm because your room isn't theirs.

Learn the most important rules to follow when setting up your bedroom.

Choose subtle color

Choose soothing shades and a relaxing palette of monochromatic tones instead of bold primary colors. Think of the theory of colours: soft blue, lavender or green tones are considered calm and serene. Rich, jewel-coloured tones help to determine the mood of cosiness and comfort. This can include roasted browns, deep pomegranate or topaz tones. Use attenuated versions of your favorite colors in the bedroom". This could mean choosing Mauve instead of aubergine or pumpkin instead of mandarin.



This is my preferred way of completely changing a room. Carpets bring cosiness and style to a room. They also make them look bigger, and colors such as white or cream provide extra light.

Keep the bedroom simple

A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated and elegant, no matter what style of furnishing you choose. To move easily, leave at least three feet between the bed and the side walls or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture such as tables and dressers. If you need to walk around the bed to get from the closet to the bathroom, consider how to move the bed.

Set up your bedroom only with what you need. A bed, one or two bedside tables, a dresser and a chair are necessities. Everything else is disorder. When you have space, place a chest of drawers in the cupboard.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Choose a beautiful artwork, arrange some family photos, add flowers and candles and leave it alone.


A room full of pictures is a room full of memories. It is a great way to decorate your room with pictures that are either printed or with . 

Include multiple lighting options

In one bedroom it is good to "layer" the lighting throughout the room. Ambient light illuminates the entire room, small lamps can bundle the light for reading and other activities, and accent light helps to wash the walls in soft lighting.

To focus the reading light where you need it, use a bedside lamp with movable arm. Each lamp should be adjustable with a dimmer. Install a separate on/off switch for each luminaire so that you can selectively and illuminate only the desired area.


Mirrors are an absolute must in a room, they are great to prepare, make your room look bigger, but also for all the things you take with you all year round. It's a fantastic way to decorate your room, because you can put fairy lights around the room, a dresser with your jewelry or even a wardrobe to look stylish. It's really up to you, but mirrors look fantastic in a room, especially a beautiful long mirror that you can hang on the wall or place next to your closet.


And finally, pillows are the absolute best way to decorate your room. They're super cute and frankly you can have a billion of them and still want more because they look so great and are just so comfortable to have. They are perfect for relaxing, but also to give your room a cozy and at the same time cute atmosphere. So get on board and buy all the pillows you can get, patterned, made of velvet, fur, whisky, colorful, whatever your heart and style desires.


Overthrows or covers are the best way to decorate your room. They are so cuddly and warm and are perfect for the colder season if you just want to pack up and warm up without going to bed. They also look super cute on your bed, especially if you opt for patterns or angry patterns. You can fold them and leave them at the corner of your bed when you come back from a long and exhausting day.