The 10 Best room decor inspiration

 A bedroom should be a personal refuge, a haven that expresses your favorite colors, feelings and collections. 

Idea #1

Always love a cozy bedroom

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Use the ceiling

Dorm rooms usually have high ceilings. Therefore, you can use the high room to place a higher bed so that you have extra space under the bed, which can be used as a lounge or work space. Don't forget that you also need to add a small storage space near your bed, which can serve as a table and also as a drawer to make it easier for you to set up your phone.

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Idea #2

Use multifunctional furniture

In the case of limited space, it is recommended to use multifunctional furniture as a solution. You can replace a small table with a puff, which can be a table or chair at the same time. Similarly, you can use the top of your closet as a storage area for efficient space in your room.

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Idea #3

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Idea #4

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Idea #5

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Idea #6

Use of any gap as a storage area

Most bedrooms also don't have too much space, just enough with a bed and a little storage space. You can change it by a gap under the bed so that you get extra storage space. You can also consider replacing your old closet with a drawer on wheels that you can put under the bed. This not only makes your dormitory more spacious, but also looks more presentable and organized. And with a little extra fabric to cover the gap under the bed, you can hide your drawers.

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Idea #7

Change your room layout every few months

On the eve or after the holidays, you may be used to cleaning your room and restoring it to normal. You should try to set it up differently from the original so that you get a new impression. For example, you can Place your bed near the window and move your closet and table to the opposite side to get a comfortable position where you can stay. And don't forget that you can add a mirror to create a wider room effect and detachable decoration in your room.

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Idea #8

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Idea #9

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Idea #10

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